Honey is made from the nectar of flowers harvested by bees. The colour and taste vary depending on the flower. The darker the honey, the more pronounced the taste. With the utmost respect for bees and nature, we do not pasteurize our honeys or add sugar. All our honeys are 100% pure! They are available from our online shop and at the Nectarium shop at the Miellerie honey house.

At the Nectarium boutique you will find our bulk honey – don’t forget your jars – all our products derived from the hive, our inspirations, our gift sets, our corporate products and fundraising campaigns.


Do you have honey pots that crystallize?

This process is quite normal. All pure honey crystallizes more or less quickly depending on the storage temperature. But the quality remains! What to do? Simply plunge your gars into a pot of hot water over low heat until the honey becomes liquid again.

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